Sartorial or Culinary Accessory?

I had meant to reserve this space for professional and serious musings. For the most part, I intend to stick to that. I just can’t resist this question:

Observe the cast iron owl. What do you figure? A fixture of a 1970’s dinner spread–something on which to rest the casserole, OR a trendy new designer accoutrement, something to spice up your Little Black Dress?

For my money, it would obviously be the former. I’m pretty sure that my mother has one of these sitting in the garage somewhere, along with the green glass salad bowls shaped like apples. Having glanced at Rachael Ray’s show yesterday, however, I’m incredulously led to believe that I should guess the latter. If you go here and watch the video, you’ll catch a glimpse of the owl worn as a belt buckle. The irony, of course, is that the show features, “sandwiched” (hah!) between an interview with Gayle King and a demo of Mexican Chili Lasagna is a segment called “Accessories 101.” Perhaps, with a nod to Star Trek, the segment should have been called “The Truth about Trivets”?

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