Pedagogy for Participatory Culture

In large measure, this is just a bookmark for myself, a reminder to look carefully at this article at the New Media Literacies Project on “training kids with skills for participatory culture.” I’ve only had a chance to skim it, but it provides some categories that help me to think through the specific kinds of skills that students will need in the future, and should hopefully be practicing as we speak. Better yet, it gives some concrete examples of assignments/projects that activate these skills. Ones that, for the record, sound a hell of a lot more fun than writing a research paper. NOT that that’s not fun, mind you, but it’s a bit different than analyzing different approaches to a common story, rewriting said story, creating a digital form of the story, and analyzing the choices that you’ve made. This is clearly the kind of synthetic and analytic thinking that we aim for when we write papers; here, NML is designing assignments that get at those same cognitive processes by using new media approaches. Better yet, they’re essentially revising good ol’ Bloom’s taxonomy as they go along–a revision that is much like the one Will Richardson recently featured, which places creation, rather than evaluation, at the top of the heap.

Much more to say and think about, but for now, just a set of links!

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