Ah, Young Love…

The degree to which I am completely adoring Bloglines is indeed comparable to that of the first days of a new romance; I get excited and a bit flushed when I log in and see what’s waiting for me. Every time I do, I find that I think “wow, this thing is so great!” in a moony voice—thankfully only in my head.

My new discovery for the day? The New York Times has RSS feeds for almost all of its various sections. Back in the days when I used to have a Tuesday/Thursday teaching schedule, I had the utterly bourgeois habit of drinking coffee and lounging about with the Sunday Times. Now that I’m a Monday/ Wednesday teacher (with Tuesday, Thursday and now Friday meetings, alack), I’ve had to let my ritual fall by the wayside. Sunday morning I awake in full panic mode: what do I need to get prepared to teach on Monday? The sad, neglected issues of the Times would pile up in the corners in their rain bags until they took up too much room and were sent to recycling.

But no more! Using Bloglines as the aggregator, the important revelations of the Sunday Styles section can sit in their own little folder until Thursday when I finally have time to read it. And it won’t trip me on my way to the file cabinet.

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