Should be Reading, Grading, Writing a Paper…

But instead, I’m taking personality quizzes on the internet. Courtesy of my colleague, Kate Laity, writer, medievalist, and pop culture maven.

So on the grand scale of goddesses, who am I?

isis card

You are most like the Egyptian goddess Isis.

The story of Isis illustrates the transformative powers of sorrow to create wisdom. When she was separated from her husband Osiris, she searched for him everywhere; she used the power of her love to bring him back to life and conceive a child of him, Horus. Isis was worshiped in ancient Egypt as the great mother goddess of the universe. Goddesses with similar attributes include Kuan Yin, Tara and Oya.

Want to try it yourself? Here’s the link.

Most of this I think we have to take as ironic; I hardly think that the power of my love for anything (with the important exception of really cute shoes) would bring it back to life. And I’m no mother goddess, that’s for darn sure. The connection to Kuan Yin, however, is an interesting one. I’m not quite sure how Isis maps onto KY as a legend; but if they are in some ways equivalent, then I can surely relate to the Kuan Yin legend about trying to save people from suffering and having one’s head split into eleven pieces. Often described as both a bodhisattva and the “goddess of mercy,” Kuan Yin has an interesting place in Asian American literary history: she is the narrator in Maxine Hong Kingston’s Tripmaster Monkey. Readers/scholars have noted that as a narrator, she’s both a gentle observer of the shenanigans of the protagonist, Wittman Ah Sing, but also an incisive critic of his internalized racism and sexism.

Now that’s a vision of goddess-hood that I can get behind.

And now, off to grade! And read! And write a paper!

4 thoughts on “Should be Reading, Grading, Writing a Paper…

  1. So, ditto here about what I SHOULD be doing…

    My quiz results:
    You are most like the Roman goddess Juno.

    Juno was believed to watch and protect all women from their first to last breath. As the patroness of marriage, Juno restored peace between quarreling couples. She also watched over mothers and families. Goddesses with similar attributes include Hera, Vesta and Fricka.

    Now, since I’m a guy, what could this all MEAN?!?!?!
    Kidding. The first go at this, I said I’d have lunch with Angelina (not so much to ask about her adoption practices, as to look at her), but then I changed to Oprah (not so much so she’d give me free stuff, as to get some honesty). It told me I was like Lakshimi, all about pretty stuff. (That must have been from the Angelina answer)

    Anyway, time to go protect some women, or to look at them…depending on who I’m eating lunch with

    P.S. No matter how I changed the address bar, I couldn’t find the “Which God are you” quiz…what the Hecate!?

  2. I picked Angelina too, Corey, for both the looking AND for the asking about adoption practices, and I still got Isis. Clearly, it’s a finely tuned machine, this quiz.

  3. I too should be reading, which I am, I guess. It’s just not the subject matter it should be. Instead, I’m learning about how I am most like the Greek goddess Athena.

    Athena’s brilliance of reason was said to be as penetrating as her clear gray eyes. One of the most powerful of the gods and goddesses, her artistry in all crafts, especially weaving and pottery, was unrivaled. Goddesses with similar attributes include Sarasvati, Sophia and Brigit.

    I don’t have grey eyes, but I do paint, crochet, write, design, and I even taught ceramics back in the day. Feeling that “goddess kind of powerful,” I had to know more. This led me to Wiki in search of Sarasvati:

    Sarasvati represents intelligence, consciousness, cosmic knowledge, creativity, education, enlightenment, music, the arts, and power. She is not only worshipped for secular knowledge, but for the true divine knowledge essential to achieve moksha.

    I almost looked up moksha before realizing that I’m just hunting for some sort of sign that I’m just too damn cool… and all based on the fact that I also favored Angelina Jolie. This just can’t be right.

  4. Apparently wanting to lunch with Angelina is the key to goddesshood! Doesn’t this seem like a very particular angle on Athena’s gift? If my childhood reading of mythology books stands me in good stead, it was her wisdom she was most known for…

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