GoogleReader-1; Bloglines-0

In a post awhile ago, I enthused wholeheartedly about using Bloglines. Instead of spending my time combing assiduously through my carefully-constructed list of bookmarks, I could simply log in and read everything in one fell swoop. Bliss!

And then the Chuds came. Or, less metaphorically speaking, the semester hit full speed and I stopped reading anything online that didn’t relate directly to my classes, or First Year Experience, or American Studies, or electronic portfolios. All very interesting, but not quite the kind of thing I was going to add to my folders of RSS feeds.

Of course, then you know what happens: you let Bloglines go too long, and you can’t face going back in there. I had read some particular sites here and there, when I had time (because there’s always time for the Fug girls. Always.). I pictured combing through mountains of old posts for every feed I had. After all, I hadn’t logged into Bloglines since the end of February. Was it better to actually allot 3 hours to fixing all the folders, or better simply to mark everything as read and move on? I could neither face the idea of having to read everything nor could I stand the thought of missing something good by deleting it all. I can’t decide if this is a larger phenomenon in the information age, or simply indicative of my own paranoia about managing information…

This morning, I bit the bullet and logged in. Imagine my surprise to discover that many of the folders I had dreaded the most (Will Richardson’s, for instance, which is always packed with great ideas, and updated daily, if not more often) had 4-5 posts in them. Panic! Had people DIED?! A quick check of their websites calmed those irrational fears. They had been posting happily at the same pace. For some reason, however, Bloglines had just dumped the posts from the entire month of March. !!! A short tour of some blogs (done through bookmarks, of course) confirms that I’m not alone: apparently BL is particularly inconsistent with WordPress blogs.

So, that’s it. I’m jumping ship. GoogleReader has been happily capturing and holding the feeds from my students’ blogs all semester, without a glitch. Bloglines is dead to me. This does mean, however, that I’ve got to schedule some time to play with the other functions of GoogleReader. I have to imagine that it has something akin to my favorite feature in Bloglines—i.e., the clippings file (which I consider the internet’s gift to academics). But until I have time to sit down and play with it, everything’s going to have to pile up in folders. Ah, the circle of information life…

3 thoughts on “GoogleReader-1; Bloglines-0

  1. Try NewsGator too–I found I liked it better than Google Reader. And yeah–project #1 in the project queue after the semester’s over is to move everything out of bloglines and into newsgator. Bloglines can bite me.

  2. Newsgator it is. Sometimes I find myself longing for the days when there was one service that was the only option, trustbusting be damned. Too…many…options…

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