Summer=Time for a New Mantra

Someone around here, and we’re not going to mention any names, has been a lazy, lousy blogger. Three guesses about who.

Normally, this is the kind of thing that would send me (who, me?) into paroxysms of guilt, which would spiral out into self-flagellation for all of the various other things that I’ve left unattended or have been tardy about finishing. These things are legion, and my list can stretch as far back as my junior year of college (if you had any doubts about my prodigious memory).

However. Given that I’ve just finished two semesters, an intensive summer session with a new class, and a rewarding-but-brain-busting two weeks at DMAC, I think it’s time to cut myself a little slack. Given that I’m trying to finish up some administrative tasks for American Studies, prepare for a new year of ProVisions, the series of pedagogy sessions, move my office, and am currently covered in hives, it’s definitely time to re-think the way that I work.

Thus, for this summer, I’m going to try something new on for size. Instead of my usual “if you don’t do this you’re an evil person who deserves to go straight to one of Dante’s choice levels of hell,” I’m going to experiment with “be kind to yourself.” I’m not making any claims toward originality here, I’m just saying, it’s time to try something different. Let’s see if I can use compassion, rather than punishment, as a motivating force.

Updates to come. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Summer=Time for a New Mantra

  1. I believe it was the goddess Kuan Yin who said compassion is the way. No wonder she’s not the head of a monotheistic juggernaut religion (The Merciful Army of Kuan Yin?). Yet her words prove compelling. One could say I am relaxing; one could also say that I’m wasting time while I ought to be working. Time will tell.

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