Celebrate Independence!

Sure, some people barbeque and remember our illustrious (?!) national history. For me, there’s no better way to commemorate America’s independence from Britain than to watch the Eddie Izzard marathon on BBC America (1-6 p.m. today). Post Brit transvestites riffing on world history? Hi-larious! Better than sparklers and hot dogs any day.  [As we speak, he’s riffing on the Trojan War.  His take on the most fearsome warrior in Greek mythology?  “You mean my name is Achilles and I have an Achilles heel?  I’ll be laughingstock!]

Sadly, I promised J. that I’d send her a working draft of my part of our Coetzee project today. Sigh. No EI for me.

Enjoy the holiday, y’all.

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