Fall is a’comin’

The fall semester quickly, all too quickly, approaches. In the best possible scenario, it engenders celebratory feelings. Yay fall! All of the excitement and anticipation of a new school year: new classes, new students, new projects. Hooray!

Normally, that kind of spirit would beckon us to get down, to party!  Heck, even “tear the roof off this place,” as the common parlance states. The folks at Buildings and Grounds must have gotten the same idea.  They are apparently familiar with a different architectural metaphor, however.  At good old 423 Western, my office building, they’ve left the roof untouched and torn the stairs off the place. As such, it’s about a four foot leap to get onto the porch and into the building. Since I finished up my high school phys. ed. requirement via correspondence, it’s safe to say that I’m working from home for the time being.

But I am glad to see that everyone on campus is eagerly anticipating the new semester!

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