Experiments in Slideshow

Oof. My apologies if your RSS reader just got 25 different versions of this post, all with different sets of code instead of content. I’m thinking ahead to next week, when my intrepid and adventurous students will be constructing (I almost typed “concocting”) visual arguments about media and the “digital good life.” What I wanted, of course, was the easiest possible system for them to make a slideshow with their images and upload them to their blogs. That way, we’d be able to workshop the arguments in class, and then edit them. Who knew it would be so difficult to get the slideshow up on WordPress?!!

I know that WordPress gives instructions about how to use slide.com, slideshare, rockyou, etc. for this kind of thing. I tried them all. Really. All of them. Couldn’t get a single one to work. An hour and a half later, it’s bubbleshare who’s trumped them all in terms of ease of use. I’ll go back in later and play with the various editing and markup tools. And Monday, I’ll start to worry about the difficulty of students having to maintain and manage multiple accounts (wordpress, bubbleshare, Blackboard, MySpace, Facebook, etc.), and teaching them how to copy code and such. But for now, I’ll simply bask in the glow of getting a mini-slideshow of my own up.

For the record, I know that the first picture is blurry. I like it that way.

[bubbleshare 235519]

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