It’s the Little Things…

Sometimes, I find myself wanting to sing the song that occurs at the end of Napoleon Dynamite, wherein Kip explains to his bride that he loves technology, and he loves her as much as he loves technology.

This is the week that my intrepid first year students are posting their visual argument slideshows on their blogs. They’ve done some great work, and I’m excited to see everything that they’ve been able to do. But now comes the real challenge: can they master WordPress’s wonky code enough to get the Bubbleshare slideshow up amidst all of the other reading and writing that they’re doing?

A few students worked on this in class yesterday, but for the rest, I wrote up detailed instructions on how to do it. And here comes the “I love technology” part: I used screenshots. Oh, what a wonder are screenshots, when you’re trying to describe how to navigate! In truth, Mac could make this a bit easier—you still (to my knowledge) have to dump and export the image via iPhoto to size it correctly. But regardless, I had a little moment of glee pasting in the images of particular windows that the students will have to navigate. Best of all: when you are typing in the exact code they’ll need to have the slideshow appear, you can’t actually type it in—because it will show up as the slideshow itself, rather than the code. Screenshot to the rescue again! Type the code into Word, take a picture, and upload to WordPress. Fantastico!

So, I’ll have to ask in class if the pictures help. I suppose I’ll know at about 5 today, when the assignments are due to be posted…

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with one last screenshot—here’s my messy messy desktop, in all its glory:


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