Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Not really.  Leavin’ in a car.  But leavin’, nonetheless.  As of tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be at the University of New Hampshire with my colleague, at this conference, to give a presentation on our experience teaching Personal Essay Filmmaking.  After eight weeks of collaborative writing and talking and thinking, we’ve got bibliographic handouts, a rocking little workshop planned, and a dandy PowerPoint presentation that features not only a student film, but also…wait for it…our own film that we made this summer.  We’ll be talking about the dethroning of the primacy of writing, the pedagogy of multimodal composing, and the intersection between composition and film studies.  Hot diggety!

If you’re hanging around Durham this weekend, feel free to stop by for all of the fun.

Whether we knock it out of the park or crash and burn,  I’ve been promised a lobster roll at the end of the conference on Saturday.  it will be, so to speak, the icing on the cake.

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