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One of my very favorite features of Blog Stats is the list of searches that people use to get to your site.  Aside from being really creeped out by seeing when people run a search for my name (and seriously, if you’re my high school boyfriend, you could just send an email!!), it leads to three very different reactions:

  1. Have I really written about “x”?  (example: “Wild Hogs legos”)
  2. I never knew so many people were interested in “x.” (example: Jean Paul Belmondo—for whom I consistently get 8 hits a day.  How bummed people must be when they realize it’s a post about Jean Seberg.)
  3. Wow, “x” is the best idea ever!

Number three rarely happens, but when it does, it’s a doozy.  So, today, someone wandered across b.e.a. looking for “Chinatown Faye Dunaway costume wearing.”  Really, this is a combination of #1 and #3, but it’s fantastic even as it’s bewildering.  Going as Faye Dunaway for Halloween?  Awesome.   And the possibilities are endless.  I hope the person has some friends who will go dressed as Jack Nicholson (after Roman Polanski cuts his nose, of course) and John Huston, with that crazy accent.  I would warn the Dunaway dresser, however, that having to repeat the iconic line “she’s my sister!  my daughter!  my sister!” as she’s getting slapped all night might get a bit tiresome.

I hope this kicks off a “greatest hits of Hollywood” Halloween costume trend.  Anything that will supplant the tired old Scream masks.

1 thought on “Search Stats

  1. Since 7 hits on my site today were referred from this post, I’m guessing you’re now sharing in the general “foot” traffic. Feel free to delete the culprit comment.

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