Benedictions of the Blogosphere

If I had known that I was going to take such a massive break from the blog, I would have asked for it to be subsidized by a sponsor.  But two bits of blog-related news are just too good to keep to myself.

When I first started including blogs as writing practice in my courses two years ago (or “forcing us to do this stuff” as some students like to say), I consistently had a few resistant bloggers.  Rightly so, really.  If you’re not a blog reader, why would you be invested in writing one?  So I’ve learned, every semester, to make the case that we often make in composition contexts: online writing equals writing for a real, public audience; it familiarizes you with rhetorical conventions of particular communities; it instills (i.e., forces) a consistent practice of writing as thinking about readings and/or viewings and/or discussions that we engage in for class purposes.  And with recent high profile examples of bloggers getting deals in more traditional media (Wonkette’s book, Julie Powells’ book, and Julie Dam’s novel), I’ve been hinting around—blogging is becoming a way to secure a “legitimate” (not my choice of words, but one that comes up) way of leveraging a career in professional writing!

This month, it’s nothing but good news from the Strose Student/Alumni blogosphere.  First, Mallory’s soap opera snarkfest, Serial Drama, has bought her a regular column in Soap Opera Digest.  And then, Kim C. finds out that her post on Jean Baudrillard’s passing ended up in the latest edition of the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies.  And these are only two of the multitude of Strose bloggers!  Who’s next?!  [I wonder what to call a group of bloggers.  If it’s an exultation of larks and a pride of lions, should it be a byte of bloggers?  Bring on the collective nouns!  Where’s James Lipton when you need him?]

So, if that isn’t the kind of good news that brings me back to blogging, I don’t know what is.  If you see these two around the interweb, give them a hearty helping of congratulations.

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