Asian American Feminism–Podcast Edition

If you haven’t been reading along at Jenn Fang’s Reappropriate site, you may have missed her interview at Fallout Central, a website that produces a weekly podcast devoted to Asian American issues.  True to form, she gives a lengthy and down-to-earth discursus on her definition of Asian American feminism—its relation to both AA activism and mainstream feminism.  The questions, and responses utilize my favorite intellectual apparatus—theoretical/political knowledge and pop culture references (Jenn beautifully fields a question about Tila Tequila, for example, with reference to media representation, third wave feminism, and positionality.  Not her terms in the interview, perhaps, but the ideas are right there).  And a particular highlight: a nuanced and civil discussion about the continuing gender friction within the Asian American community.

Both Jenn and the guys at FC are great examples of a new generation of AA activists using new media—something I’d like to think about more in the coming year.  In what ways are new media forms allowing access to political affiliation? God knows there was none of this when I was a kid!  It used to be the case that you’d have to be located on the coasts to get wind of these kinds of discussions.   Thanks to sites like these, kids with computers (and since Pew reports  that AA’s are using the internet far more than other ethnic groups, this might make some significant differences).  I’d love to use some of these sites for the Asian American Literature class I’m teaching in the spring.  Too far afield, perhaps?

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