The Magic Word is “Thompson Twins”

Heads up: this is a shamelessly vapid music post.

I’ve used Pandora at my office for about two years, since I’m too lazy to either A) transfer my music from my home computer onto the office one, or B) get the cord I need to plug my iPod into my office computer. Compared to these two work-intensive (hah!) options, Pandora is the way to go: type in an artist and you get a playlist tailored to your particular sonic proclivities. Two minutes and you’re off and running. It’s obviously not a perfect system; if you don’t tinker with your “channels” (the playlists determined to most clearly cohere to the musical DNA of the artist or song that you’ve entered), you are subject to the same songs and artists over and over again. Based on my disinclination to tinker (there’s a significant theme running throughout this post, methinks) I’ve been stuck in a channel rut for the past few months. it’s been the “all Rufus Wainwright all the time” channel (which has, on the upside, turned me on to Greg Laswell, which is an unexpected bonus). Periodically, I’d switch over to the Elvis Costello or The Psychedelic Furs, just to break up the redundancy.

But, hold the phone! After a colleague’s celebratory jaunt to a local 80’s dance party, I found myself revisiting the gems of the genre. Where did I put my entire collection of Depeche Mode compact discs? Somewhere along the way (in the land of iTunes, no doubt), I was reminded of the Thompson Twins, and I plugged them right into a Pandora Channel. Sweet fancy Diety! It’s like a pipeline of everything I forgot I loved! Hello, OMD and Soft Cell and Peter Gabriel and the Pet Shop Boys!

My assignments for the semester will all be set to the beat of a synthesizer, apparently.  Harmonica, as below, is optional.

4 thoughts on “The Magic Word is “Thompson Twins”

  1. Ah yes, the jaunt of the no-longer quite as young as we used to be —

    Looking back, it strikes me as a very American heavy rotation the DJ relied upon and the 80s was so Brit heavy in my mind. Well, and we should have hanged the DJ (Hall and Oates? Hall and FREAKIN’ Oates?! That’s wanton cruelty).

    I instead have slipped over to the 90s and have been grunging away, grudgingly remembering at times that my colleagues may not wish to hear Blur’s Song 2 repeatedly at top volume. Aren’t you glad to be on the second floor?

  2. Hey, I’m all for Blur. The Gorillaz gotta come from somewhere. Meanwhile, it’s all 80’s all the time on floor 2. Apparently if 423 is a’rockin’, don’t come a’knockin’.

  3. Good choice with the Thompson Twins! I’d have to say that “We Are Detective” was always one of my favorites. The video was totally awesome as well, as there were plenty of khaki trench coats involved. Hopefully no trench coat was harmed in the making of that music video. Lloyd Dobler might have had to wear a denim jacket! Just imagine the repercussions…

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