Time Flies

I vaguely remember a moment during which spring break (or “mid-winter recess” as we call it in the snowy Northeast)was actually a break. In college, for example, I’d flee Redlands for home and spend 11 days sleeping late, hanging out with my mother, and partaking of the wonders of Vegas cuisine and bingo with the elderly.

Now, however, break means “write like hell, because it’s the last chance you’ll get.” How sad is that?! Don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful to have time to write and think about what I’m writing, and I’m doubly grateful to have an article pre-accepted at a journal and a conference paper coming up. But I dearly miss the break that is a break from work, not just a break from the other parts of my job.

But lest I feel too sorry for myself, K and I have planned a trip to Metropolis for a few days. For K, I think this is our film and architecture trip. Apparently, we’ll be seeing Violent Saturday at the Film Forum, and this newly-renovated building, both inside and out.


Finally, we’ll be taking in the 59th Street Bridge, in homage to the comparison made in the Looking at Movies textbook we’re both using this semester.

All of this is well and good (if a bit much to do in a couple of days). But if you’re a careful reader, you’ll note a pattern to the above. Because as much as I love Frank Lloyd Wright and the Film Forum, none of this is really my bag. But therein lies the problem: what does one do when one goes to the big city? To me, New York is like the smorgasbord; there’s so much going on that I never know what to do. I see that Eddie Izzard is working out his new show—that’s guaranteed to be a good laugh. Should it be the Whitney Biennial? Or the old standby: hours at the The Strand? What’s good enough to function as the break in the work of break?

What’s your favorite NYC gem?

3 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I would be seeing Le Eddie man if I could — no doubt about that at all. He has become my teaching role model (as my film class would attest — er, if they had any familiarity with him). Then the Strand, a stroll down Indian row in the East Village to choose a place to nosh… sigh.


    Do share all your adventures upon return. I must have come vicarious NYC.

    I have sworn in front of people this week NOT to do the London trip next year. I am tearing down calls for papers that I ought not commit to taking on. I am preparing to become very very lazy. Very very soon. Really. I will travel for fun and not just for work. I will cut back on conferences…

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