Computer Paranoia

For some reason, I’m jinxing my computers lately. I think it began with Collins’ visit, where I had the most difficult time working the DVD player on his Mac. Since then, I can’t get wmv files to play on my office computer, despite the fact that I’ve downloaded every player I can find (and despite the fact that Flip 4 Mac works just fine and dandy on my laptop). This is particularly vexing as my film students are moving into editing land, and I’d like to be able to view their work!! Meanwhile, I’m reading piles of drafts and using the editing toolbar in Word, and the thing keeps seizing on me. Is there anything more demoralizing than making comments on five pages of a paper, only to have to quit the program and start all over again?

Given all of these nefarious computer troubles, you can imagine my delight when I found this Eddie Izzard take on computers on YouTube. “Control P, Print!” indeed. [For the brave and intrepid, Izzard is on tour through the summer. Road trip to D.C., anyone?]

4 thoughts on “Computer Paranoia

  1. Dammit! He’s going to be in Philadelphia while I’m in Michigan and Detroit & Chicago while I’m in Philadelphia.

    I can’ help you with anything, btw. I’ve totally given up trying to use video viewing software on my Mac. Although I will recommend that if you’re commenting electronically on papers you up your auto-save to, like, every 2 minutes.

  2. I’m on the Izzard mailing list so I actually could have got discount tickets to see him, but they were still too expensive for the current budget. So I will be sobbing at home as we watch the — what is it? six? — performance DVDs. And eating cake, of course.

    One of the best moments in the otherwise lackluster WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE Amnesty show, comes when Izzard, Harry Enfield, the genius of the western world AKA Vic Reeves and (!) Alan Rickman do the Four Yorkshiremen sketch. It’s brilliant.

    Time to go sip my tea from a passing Turk’s slipper…

  3. Ash—“autosave”? What is this “autosave’ of which you speak?

    Seriously, why didn’t I think of that?

    Meanwhile—if you two are any indication, than Izzard is bucking to be the comedic mascot for English types…

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