I just sent off my article to the patient and long-suffering editor this morning and then immediately jumped in the car to catch an afternoon train to NYC for a family visit. Whew!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that I’ve been thinking about the topic for the article (fan videos and their development of narrative) for 7 months or so. At least I seem to remember that it was a cold dark night in my office finishing up the proposal it.

One might think that with all that time and thought that the article would write itself, or at the very least flow trippingly off my fingertips and onto the page. (That is, after all, what my own delusional brain was depending on…).

Instead, it was days of grappling in the dark, wringing out pages that may or may not be relevant to the argument. When the time came to give a provisional draft to a gracious reader, the main editorial comment sounded somehow familiar: “your argument and energy really starts to emerge here at the end. Have you considered starting with that?.”. And I’m back in the writing bush leagues.

I’m transcribing this rather humiliating scenario becauseI do so love to publicly flog myself for my own shortcomings, but more importantly to remind myself (and the three readers of this blog) that the process of writing and thinking are never as straightforward and fast as I expect them to be. They are, in fact, almost as painstaking and frustrating as typing this entire post with one finger as I await the onslaught of the big family trip in the hot hot city.

Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Troof.

  1. I don’t know what you mean: words flow from my fingertips like warm treacle on a midsummer day, effortless making their way across the page in a rich accumulation of velvet phrases that seldom need more than a light dusting of editorial burnish.

    Why are you laughing?

  2. HaHA! You both crack me up.

    Jumping on board this train…

    It has taken three days to write about the first half of my first day in a month long visit to Have, Ghana. What a crazy amount of effort when I don’t even have to make things up or do research. How on Earth will I ever cover the rest?

    United we stand (with the exception of Kate),
    Reader #3

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